Our Domain Expertise is in the following areas… We have put-in more than two decades of functional expertise in these following areas…

Transportation Management

Travel Desk (for Car Rentals Business)
TransMate (for Warehousing and Logistics)
Travel Network (for Packaged Tour Operators)
Taxi One! (for Radio Taxi Operators)
Ambi Serve (for Ambulance Service Providers)
Destination One! (Sea Port and Air Cargo Solutions)
Auto Plug-in (A unique ROUTING software which sandwiches GPS and Travel Desk)

eCampus™for Schools, Colleges and Universities in accordance with NAAC Guidelines…
Brewery Management for Any Brew-House Manufacturing…
eTrading... Software for Trading Houses associated with APMC
Where there’s a need we deliver delightful solutions…
All our products are web based and is built to be accessed
Anytime – Anywhere – Online™
“Building Lasting Relationships Through Client-Partnering”

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