BI Services

What do we provide?

We provide end-to-end BI solutions for our clients by leveraging our domain and business expertise in the area such as

Data Management
On Demand Data Analysis
MIS Application Development
Centralized Prebuilt Reporting Solution
Dashboard Development
BI Report Development
End-to-end BI Deployment
Centralized Prebuilt Reporting Solution

Who can use this solution / service?

If you are a manufacturer/distributor and sell your product through your own shops or sales channels etc., then our solution will be a best fit.

What outputs you can get?


Day to Day Operational Reports
Basic Inventory Reports
Sales Reports
Target vs Achieved


Ageing Analysis
Sell-through Analysis
Identifying broken size set
ABV Analysis
PSFt Analysis
Like to Like Analysis and many more....


SMS Alerts
Email Alerts


Management dashboard

How does this work?

We extracts daily transaction data on a daily basis from your shop billing system (POS), accounting system, any ERP system, excel working sheet etc., and centralizes the data automatically. This centralized data is used to generate related reports. and is delivered on to your desktop/laptop with the common interface screen across all the users dynamically.

How is this delivered?

Outputs are delivered on to your desktop/laptop with the common interface screen across all the users dynamically through SaaS / enterprise model. Also alerts are routed to your email box and on to the mobile through SMS.

How long it takes to setup these services?

For the known environment it take 4 calendar weeks

What is the investment needed?

It depends on the volume of data, number of data feeds, types of reports that needs to be generated etc.

Your investment!
Our BI Services can start with the monthly investment @ as low as one manpower cost p.m*
* terms & conditions apply
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